candle in a bottle


It’s no rocket science how to make a candle, but maybe explained it step by step it will look eaven easier.

You will need:
– a small plastic bottle or whatever glass you want to make your candle in
– candle wax leftovers from old candles
– wicks, wick holder
– chocolate fondue set – the candle holder or a candle aromatherapy diffuser
– a candle
– empty beer can


1. put the wix holder in the middle of your bottle or glass.
If you’re using a bottle , cut the bottle neck away – It’s difficult to cut with scissors once the candle is done
For a better hold, glue with a glue gun
2. cut the tin can with scissors to make a cooking pot
3 . put it over the candle on the fondue or aromatherapy pot
4. put the wax leftovers , preferably in smaller pieces in the tin can to melt.
5. pour in the bottle / glass making sure the wick stays in the middle until it’s full
6. you could mix different wax colors for color effects
7. Wait for the wax to dry inside the bottle. It takes several hours.
8. I had a small hole around the whick, fill it up
9. cut the bottle with scissors and the whick to the desired length.

Tadaaa! You just made a candle and the kids enjoyed watching the process.

self made candle


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